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Coplar Creeks Southern Buckshot
(M) 21 Aug 2012, PR164610/04, a    [Breeding]   [Sibling]

Tested_Clear = DM[OFA], MAC[OFA], NE[OFA], PRA-rcd4[OFA], VWD[OFA]
Test_Results = Hips(LDI=.37; RDI=.38)[OFA]
COI10 = 0.9%[10G,5F,765U,75.8%C]
COI15 = 4.4%[15G,5F,3624U,74.9%C]
Wycliffe = 27.21
OEA = 14.74
MCB = 35

Southern Standards Red Creole
24 Jul 2006
PR087538/03 r, Callname=Cooper, Tested_Clear=DM[OFA], VWD[OFA] , Test_Results=Elbows(Normal)[OFA], Hips(Good)[OFA] , Parent_of=Cancer-Intestinal Lymphoma, Elbows(Normal)[OFA](4), Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](5), Hips(LDI=.37; RDI=.38)[OFA](1)
Majestic Southern Standards Boudreaux
04 Mar 2003
PR018045/03 r, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](3), Hips(Good)[OFA](5)
Majestic Red Rogan II
14 Jan 2001
PP638983/01 r
Majestic Red Rogan
23 Nov 1995
PP466999/04 r, Callname=Rogan, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA]
Jasler's Majestic Macho Man
10 Nov 1992 PP384470/01 AW044045 a, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](3)
Majestic Scarlet Princess
05 May 1992 PP334732/03 r, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](2) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Majestic Magnificent Cherie
04 Jan 1998
PP543940/09 r
Pierlyham Smalto Future Fire
03 Feb 1996 PP494958/01 FC330046 r, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA]
Majestic Thinking Of Flame
02 Aug 1995 PP456772/06 r
Majestic Royal Fergie
15 Aug 1996
PP494062/04 r, Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Majestic Fire King
14 Apr 1992
PP334733/02 r, Parent_of=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3)
Majestic Red Hot Shangri-La
27 Jun 1987 PC091729 a, Parent_of=Hips(Fair)[OFA](1)
Majestic Red Ruby
03 May 1990 PP244660/04 r&a, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Jasler's Majestic Velvet
10 Nov 1992
PP384469/01 AW044054 a, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](2)
Coquetel Cavalier
17 Oct 1983 PB826550 QU412094 a, Test_Results=Hips(Good)[OFA]
Majestic Topaz Velvet
12 Oct 1987 PC063268 a, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Southern Standards Ms Ruby
12 Aug 2003
PR025496/05 r, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Full Moon Over Dakota Skies
06 Apr 2001
PP644488/09 bl, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Fair)[OFA](1)
Moonstruck's Cuervo Gold
08 Oct 1996
PP497108/01 a
Gretzky The 'Great One'
02 Aug 1995 PP454522/04 b, Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
My Georgie Girl
27 Oct 1995 PP463279/08 b
Madame Sudene Monique
09 Apr 1999
PP583540/01 b
Robinson's Prince Albert
11 Mar 1997 PP520570/05 b
Casmaran's Chocolate Mousse
04 Aug 1992 PP346918/01 br
Ms Red Of Mossberg's Crimson
14 Jun 2002
PP667167/07 r, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Mossberg's Crimson Pax-Maker
06 Mar 1998
PP546909/07 r, Parent_of=Hips(Fair)[OFA](5), Hips(Good)[OFA](1), Hips(HD-Mild Uni-left)[OFA](1), Hips(HD-Moderate Sublux)(1)
Justamere's Riley Red
15 Apr 1996 PP482901/03 r, Parent_of=Elbows(Normal)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3)
Justamere's Tangy Bel
08 Mar 1994 PP405836 r
Dyneau Santiana Saucy Sandi
09 Jan 1998
PP543994/03 br, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Dyneau Mikid Here's Trouble
05 Jun 1995 PP458721/02 w
Dyneau Cappuccino Brikabrat
28 Jan 1996 PP481311/01 br, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Golden's Redtime Lucylou
21 Mar 2007
PR099312/09 r, Callname=Lucy, Parent_of=Hips(LDI=.37; RDI=.38)[OFA](1)
Jacob Scott (mini)
06 Dec 2000
PP643235/01 r
Dazzler's Jamey Jam (mini)
08 Dec 1996
PP506350/01 cr
Boyd's Ebony Velvet (mini)
29 Mar 1990
PP247389/01 b
Black William O'Velvet (Ch mini)
Boyd's Babee O'Velvet (mini)
02 Sep 1987 PC118386 bl
Hillcrest's Jette (mini)
20 Apr 1988
PC115631 w
Ever'mint Debri's I O U (Ch mini)
Roxanna Danielle O'Dupray (mini)
Dazzler's Crimson Glory (mini)
23 Apr 1999
PP585689/04 r
Ekman's Royal Red Paprika (mini)
15 May 1996
PP486159/03 r
Jewel Pines Sparkling Flame (mini)
Sas's Siobhan MacCumail (mini)
Ekman's Ruby Red (mini)
27 Sep 1992
PP349644/06 r
Turner's LBC Grad Gift (mini)
Turner's Rose Of Sharon (mini)
Golden's Lou Lou
17 Nov 2004
PR056654/02 b
Frenchy's Zydeco Dancer
22 Oct 2003
PR029011/06 br
Kit-Sue's Darker Walker Man
30 Oct 2000
PP632913/04 br, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](2) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1), Hips(Preliminary Good)[OFA](1)
Osea Clarence
09 Jun 1994 PP422842/04 br, Parent_of=Hips(Good)[OFA](1), Hips(Preliminary Good)[OFA](1) , Sibling_with=Hips(Good)[OFA](1)
Carefree Brandie Snowflake
03 Oct 1997 PP533930/09 cr, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](2), Hips(Good)[OFA](3), Hips(Preliminary Good)[OFA](1)
Kit-Sue's Free Bee's Key-Put
19 Jul 2002
PR007040/03 br
Kit-Sue's Chason Choclate
18 Jun 2000 PP623263/08 br, Parent_of=Hips(Excellent)[OFA](1), Hips(Good)[OFA](3)
Gwen Night Dreamer
24 Feb 2001 PP639763/04 b
Frenchy's Shy Adelle
26 Dec 2002
PR019560/03 b
Prince Dixon
28 May 1998
PP555162/02 br
Sir Java Jake Of Le Conte
07 Aug 1995 PP456058/04 b
Good Grief Gidgetbytina
19 Apr 1996 PP488845/02 b
Salvador's Dolly Doodle
19 Oct 1995
PP466064/04 b
Akayce The Pirate
05 Jun 1985 PC012856 b
Spirits Akayce The Barmaid
11 Nov 1991 PP313317/01 cr
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